Epic Games Reveals Latest Stats In Fight For Battle Royale Supremacy

Drake helped create a moment of game streaming history on Wednesday night. At the time, the worry felt overly cautious: Battle Royale is the hot new thing, and lots of developers are going to take inspiration from it. While I still think Fortnite is enough of its own thing, I'm starting to understand why Bluehole was sweating in the first place.

In this trailer, Youtube personality Ali-A is talking about the Fortnite Replay Editor as a content creator and how much the game can expand with its use. Ninja and Drake were so close to a victory royale they could taste it, when Drake gets popped from a distance.

Finally, players will find loot availability has increased, harvesting resources have doubled and you're now more likely to find resources in loot. Combining his total with KingRichard's 15 eliminations, Ninja was able to secure the world record performance for the talented streamer duo.

Check out our favorites below and then let us know what you thought about Drake and Travis Scott playing Fortnite in the comments. He already has the John Wick skin, meaning he's accumulated a sizeable wad of experience in Season 3 of the free-to-play shooter, and even saved Ninja's life several times throughout the stream.

Players are essentially given a good range of options here: improved image quality on the standard 30fps mode, but a genuinely impressive full-refresh alternative delivered by the new patch. On December 21 2017 it was revealed PUBG had over 30million players across both PC and Xbox One.

I imagine Epic Games must be collectively jumping for joy right now, as is Twitch, who were clearly in on the entire thing, though it's unclear whether this event was set-up as a casual play session between mutual admirers, or some sort of marketing stunt for the platform.

The number of people who watched the stream grew substantially soon after Drake posted a link to his Twitter account for Ninja's stream. FORTNITE and PUBG are the biggest names in Battle Royale gaming on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and Epic Games have today revealed some very impressive player stats.

And the other major factor between PUBG and Fortnite is PUBG is a paid-for game - whereas Fortnite Battle Royale is free-to-play. Even though it sounds insane to pull an all-nighter watching other people play video games, it was totally worth it to be part of the epic Fortnite stream.

Drake himself is apparently a big Fortnite player, and regularly jumps in or watches Ninja, now the most popular streamer on Twitch following the snowballing success of Battle Royale, when he has downtime in the studio. Each game included from 75 to 85 players, with a total of 233 Fortnite Best Moments competitors, including Ninja.

But in match two, Niibs made up for his loss by recouping the $2,500 snatched from his fingertips at the last possible moment by securing a mid-game kill on none other than Ninja. In a related development, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta) has just revealed that Fortnite has been nominated for two of its 2018 Games Awards.

While some of the elements in Battle Royale are likely familiar to those who've played similarly styled games, Fortnite's last-man-standing mode separates itself by employing smaller map sections to fight in, which creates constant engagements, a never-ending sense of being hunted, and faster matches—sometimes as quick as 30 or 20 minutes There aren't any weapon attachments or upgrades to seek out either.

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